Parent Power Workshop

 Understanding all the implications of Learning Disabilities can be overwhelming and full of obstacles. Gaining knowledge of what Learning Disabilities are, how they can be managed and knowledge of self-advocacy strategies helps parents avoid problems and pitfalls.

Parent Power offers four sessions that will share information and strategies useful to parents navigating the educational system.

Please join us at 7 p.m. each evening at 2221 Hanselman Court for the following sessions:


October 7, 2014                                           Introduction to Learning Disabilities

October 14, 2014                                         Helping Students with Learning Disabilities

October 21, 2014                                         Developing Parent Advocacy

October 28, 2014                                         Helping Student to Advocate for Themselves


Jennifer Amy has been a specialized teacher in the field of Learning Disabilities for over fifteen years. She is also a parent of a child with a Learning Disability and has experienced the challenges of the education system first hand. These workshops offer her expertise as well as a format for parents to share their own unique ideas and experiences.


For further information or to register please call 306-652-4921

Cost for all 4 sessions is $50


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