Volunteers Needed!

LAS needs your help- as our staff gets smaller we need your help to keep our programs running!

Are you willing to:

  • Help coach Sr. Boys VB – there’s 4 important tournament dates Ms. Gruending can’t make work in her calendar (October 14, Oct 28th, Nov 11th, Nov 18th)
  • Nutrition Club – Ms. Mason works hard at creating an afterschool club for our elementary students that focuses on healthy eating and being able to take some of the delicious food they make home. Ms. Mason would really appreciate some extra hands.
  • Read to our Early Years – We have reading break from 1:45 – 2:10 and would love to have people to read alongside our kiddos who are just learning the skills
  • Help with Elementary Math – On ODD days our elementary end has math from 1-3:12 and we would love some extra help to make sure all of our students understand the concepts

Any other ideas?

  • We would love to have you help out in our school from anything from reading to tutoring to helping with The Booth at lunch (or getting hot meals like soup ready the night before and dropped off at the school in the AM).

If any of these things might appeal to you please contact Ms. Gruending at the school and we can go from there!


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