Mystery Science

Living Things/Habitats

Do worms really eat dirt? LESSON

How many different kinds of animals are there? LESSON

Why do frogs say ribbit? LESSON

How could you get more birds to visit a birdfeeder? LESSON

How do plants grow best? LESSON

Where can you find whales in a desert? LESSON

Why are polar bears white? LESSON

What’s the best way to get rid of mosquitoes? LESSON

Why would a hawk move to New York City? LESSON

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? LESSON

Rocks and Minerals

Could a volcano pop up where you live? LESSON

Why do some volcanoes explode? LESSON

Will a mountain last forever? LESSON

How could you survive a landslide? LESSON


Are magic potions real? LAB

Could you transform something worthless into gold? LAB

What would happen if you drank a glass of acid? LAB

What do fireworks, rubber, and Silly Putty have in common? LAB

Why do some things explode? LAB

Human Body Systems

How does your heart pump blood? LESSON

Why do your biceps bulge? LESSON

What do people who are blind see? LESSON

How does your brain control your body? LESSON


How much water is in the world? LESSON

Can we make it rain? LESSON

How can you save a town from a hurricane? LESSON

How can we predict when it’s going to storm? LESSON

Where do clouds come from? LESSON

Why are some places always so hot? LESSON

How can you keep a house from blowing away in a windstorm? LESSON