Here are some sites and ideas to get moving!

Everyone needs to move and so many studies have shown the benefits of daily exercise that you do not need me to list them here.!

Check out this YMCA Workout

Connor McDavid’s 15 min home workout

15 Min Workout for Teens

Yoga for teens with Adrienne

Beachbody Kids Workouts –

Just Dance Video Channel –

The Body Coach 5-10 mins quick workouts –

Coach Josh Kids Fitness – This is for Amazon Prime subscribers although I hear they have just made all of their kids content free for the time we are all in isolation.

Karate for Kids with Abbey Masner –

Little Bro or Sis…This might be fun for them!!

Moovlee – Youtube workouts for young kids.…/UCsSS5kMpKCaJ_HhTM9-HKHg/featured

Sworkit for kids App – Download on your Ipad, we use this app in a number of our schools.

GoNoodle App – movement games for young kids