School of the Future

This image explores a streetscape design. What features might be part of the Warman Middle School design?

**List things you would include in the design of the middle school including especially classrooms.

**Are you a PSSD student, staff, or Warman parent?

21 century learner
Placing the student at the heart of the design means we need to understand the learners who are in our schools. Research shows that student learning styles have chnaged, therefore we need learning spaces to accomodate a new generation who:
* Prefer multitasking and quick, non linear access to information
*Are visually – oriented
*Are highly networked, interactive and social
* Increasingly mobile
* Have a low tolerance for lecture style teaching
*Prefer active learning rather that passive learning
*Rely heavily on commuications technologies to access inforamtion and to carry out social and professional interactions
(Prensky 2001. Oblinger 2003)

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