Welcome to the Warman Middle School Blog

Welcome to our blog!!

The purpose of this blog:
1. To inform you regarding progress on this exciting project.
2. To gather input from you regarding your wishes, dreams and ideas for the development of this project.

We look forward to your responses!!

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  1. I think this is a great way to share information about a project that so many parents are so VERY interested and invested in (and the kids too!) I look forward to updates.

  2. I was just wondering, what grades will be at the Middle School?

  3. I like the design you have come up with so far…. it is nice to see you incorporated suggestions from all over….nice to see music and art included.

    What has been done with regard to consideration for special needs children? resource room ideas? What about the consideration of additional space for classrooms as the town grows and develops? Thanks.

  4. I am currently teaching Grade 8 at WHS and watching our enrollment continue to grow almost weekly. It is not hard to see us expand to 5 forms of grades 6-8 by the time WMS opens. I know WES is exploding at the seams with growing enrollment with forms right down to Pre K with many grades already over the planned 4 forms!. At our current rate of growth is it realistic to expect to include the Grade 8’s at WMS? – if so we need to see plans for portables or more classrooms!

    • Thank you for sending a message on the WMS blog. We are also watching our student population numbers grow as we finalize plans for the main body of the school. At this time we are focusing on getting the main building plans to the point of tendering. Part of this planning does require allowing for the addition of portables. The final set of plans will be released shortly and will be posted in part on the blog. At this time you will be able to see the inclusion of future portables. Following this, additional talks with the Ministry will take place to actualize the addition of portables for use at the projected opening in 2013. This will include a close look at present and projected numbers of students. Thank you again for your comments and questions.

  5. It would be unfortunate for WMS to be in the same position that Warman Elementary is in presently with portables constantly being added during the school year in an attempt to play “catch up” with growing numbers. One can only hope that the new school will already be sufficient in size before it opens. Adding classrooms during the school year is extremely disruptive to the programs and learning environment.

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