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  1. Any plans for a cafeteria or common area?

    • There are plans for a privately operated cafeteria in the sport and culture component of the shared facility and plans for the school to have access to this service. There will be a common areas within the sport and culture component connecting to the school on both ground and second floor levels as well as a common area on the ground floor level of the school associated with the front entry of the school. The ground level common area of the school will be visible from the balcony area around it on the second floor of the school. There will be a wide stair case connecting the upper floor of the school to the ground floor common area. The common area in the school should be a sunny large welcoming open area connected to the main hallways of the school.

  2. What are the two parts to the building in the diagram that are not labelled with the A – K ?

    • The two parts not labelled are shaded blue and are classroom neighbourhoods as is the one labelled A. Each classroom neighbourhood is a two storey structure with 4 classrooms on each floor. All three neighbourhoods are connected by a common hallway.

  3. Just wondering about the grade 6, 7, and 8 kids who will have moved over to the high school. Will they be moved back over to the middle school?

    • The school is being planned to house Grade 4 to 8 students. When the school opens students going into Grade 4 to 8 will be moved into the new school. The planned opening will take place in the fall so students will start their year in the new school.

  4. It’s very hard to judge by the drawing, at least for someone for whom that is not a strength, but I am concerned about the size of the library – especially as that space is shared with Administration. I wonder how much will be library.

    The library should have flexible space. This does not mean it can be smaller because we may move to more of a digital collection – it still needs to be able to hold various groups at one time for various purposes. The key to a good library today, is having shelving that can be easily moved as needs change and having space to add in more shelving if needed. There needs to be space for students to connect with each other, to read and to study. Multiple classes should be able to use the library for learning at the same time – learning together, teaching each other, presenting – the list goes on!

    I know many think that with technology less space is required, but we need to plan and build for today as well as tomorrow. Every student having a computer or an iPad, may be the case one day. Today, not everyone has home access. Today, students still require books. Today, our bandwidth cannot handle one class (in our school, anyway) on Scholastic Bookflix making multiple users searching for inforamtion simultaneously or on a variety of databases not feasible. Today, the organization and reading level of a book is much more appropriate and user friendly for students. Today, a digital library and all the equipment that entails is costly. A move to the digital age and increased technology does not necessasrily mean that books do not have a place any longer. Do not misunderstand me. I believe in and look forward to the continued integration of technology, but today we need to allow for time to transition.

    And when the time comes that our libraries and workspaces are all digital or mostly so – may we still have room and space enough and furniture that functions in multiple ways to support the hub that is the library?

    The library is the heart of a school. It is a vital place where students will learn from their teacher-librarians the skills needed to use the various technologies and tools effectively and efficiently and where collaborative work and inquiry will thrive. A place where students may connect with other students.

    The Grinch had a heart three sizes to small. I would hate to see the new school suffer the same.

    • The library is located on the second floor separate from administration which is located on the main floor. The library is being alloted a similar amount of space as reception, administration, special education, and staffroom combined as they share a similar footprint with the libray, just on a different floor. We continue to plan for flexibility in use with the library including mobile technology, movable furniture and book stacks, in addition allowing for learning spaces to accomodate large and small groups of students as well as individuals.

  5. so, is H where the school busses will drop children off for school (on the other side of the school from the parent drop off) ?

    • Yes, H is where buses will drop students off. A parent drop off for students will be on the other side of the school along the street infront of the school. This arrangement is to address safety concerns when both drop off areas are located close together.

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