Partial Main Floor

Classrooms, associated Break Out Rooms and oversized furnished hallways are all designed to promote student mixing and collaborative learning. Classrooms and hallways are connected to the outdoors though many windows and through shared outdoor classroom spaces as well as through Green Roof spaces on top of boot rooms. There is a 400 seat theatre that the community will have access to.

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Partial Second Floor

The main student entry into the school takes place through the second floor of the recreation complex and along the second floor corridor of the school. This route passes by the recreation center cafeteria that students will have access to.             (left click to enlarge)                                                       Â

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Design June 2011(33% Completion)

                                                  Classrooms Main Floor

                                                                                                    Second Floor Classrooms and Library

Front Entry

Parent Room

Reception – Administration – Staff Room

Special Education – Therapies


Practical and Applied Arts                                            Theatre – Music – Gym Change Rooms




Classroom 1

Classroom 2

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Design/Construction Schedule

The following is an abbreviated schedule for the next few months to give you and idea where we are on the timeline for the planned school opening, September 2013.

May – August 2011:
– We have regularily scheduled engineering/construction management coordination meetings where the various parties involved in planning the school and recreation complex meet to coordinate the design and planning.

June – August 2011:
– Various construction documents including drawings are being developed for the project.

August 2011:
– 99% of the design and drawings will be complete
– End of August we expect to have final Ministry approval for the plans

September 2011:
– Tender to trades
– Ground breaking after tender review

July 2013:
– Substantial completion
– Teachers move into building

September 2013:
– Students Grade 4-8 start classess

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Design Update February 2011

The following drawings represent portions of the Middle School as well as portions of the Town of Warman Recreation and Culture Center. 

 The Prairie Spirit School Division and the Town of Warman have entered into a partnership to share spaces within each of the middle school and the recreation- culture complex. 

The school division has leased from the town one of the indoor soccer pitches to be used as the school gym.  This space is comparable to three full sized gyms.  School space allotment not being designated for a gym can then be used to build a fine arts theater and music room.  Community members and groups will have access to the use of the theatre and music room. 

Students will have access and use of portions of the Recreation and Culture Complex during school hours.  During lunch students and staff will have the option to use town cafeteria facilities and the corridors connecting the two buildings.  School bus drop off will be at the recreation complex entry end while individual parent and visitor drop off will be at the school entry end.

Plans are being worked on to have the Wheatland Library located within the school library making it accessible during and after school hours.   

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Site Drawing for School

Floor Plan – Main Floor

Floor Plan – Second Floor

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