Design Update February 2011

The following drawings represent portions of the Middle School as well as portions of the Town of Warman Recreation and Culture Center. 

 The Prairie Spirit School Division and the Town of Warman have entered into a partnership to share spaces within each of the middle school and the recreation- culture complex. 

The school division has leased from the town one of the indoor soccer pitches to be used as the school gym.  This space is comparable to three full sized gyms.  School space allotment not being designated for a gym can then be used to build a fine arts theater and music room.  Community members and groups will have access to the use of the theatre and music room. 

Students will have access and use of portions of the Recreation and Culture Complex during school hours.  During lunch students and staff will have the option to use town cafeteria facilities and the corridors connecting the two buildings.  School bus drop off will be at the recreation complex entry end while individual parent and visitor drop off will be at the school entry end.

Plans are being worked on to have the Wheatland Library located within the school library making it accessible during and after school hours.   

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Site Drawing for School

Floor Plan – Main Floor

Floor Plan – Second Floor

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  1. A couple of questions:

    1. Wil the access between the school and the rec centre be restricted? I don’t know how comfortable I am with the idea that people using the rec centre could walk right into the school.

    2. Is the school still planned to open in 2013?

    The drawings look really good and we are all excited for the new school, been a long time coming!! 🙂

    • We are presently looking at a security plan for the school and portions of the recreation center where students will frequent. Included in this plan will be when doors between the two buildings are locked and if cameras will be used at entry ways.
      We are still planning for a September 13 opening.

  2. Forgot to ask a question, on the drawing it shows a small playground at the front of the school, is that going to be mostly green space plus a play centre?

    • In addition to the green space at the front of the school we are also planning to have hard surface areas . These areas are indicated on the drawing as basketball courts.

  3. Will the retention ponds have fences around them?

    • Yes. We will have a fence around the retention pond with a gate to allow teachers to take their classrooms into the area for study purposes.

  4. I am wondering specifically about the PAA section. I am a new teacher but have many years of related experience in the nutrition field. When I asked Ed Brockman about the features of this school, he was unsure about the current allotted space for PAA. Is this middle school going to have Home Ec facilities? If so do you have any details yet about the lab area dedicated to Home Ec?

    Thank-you for your time.
    Joslyn Fritz

    • Please see the most recent design drawing of the Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) spaces for the school. There is a central foods lab, a woods lab, as well as associated rooms for other PAA survey courses.

  5. Anything new happening with this project? I see there has not been an update in a couple months.

    • Stay tuned. We will have a full update by thge end of next week. It is really getting exciting as we are on schedule with planning and design.

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