Design/Construction Schedule

The following is an abbreviated schedule for the next few months to give you and idea where we are on the timeline for the planned school opening, September 2013.

May – August 2011:
– We have regularily scheduled engineering/construction management coordination meetings where the various parties involved in planning the school and recreation complex meet to coordinate the design and planning.

June – August 2011:
– Various construction documents including drawings are being developed for the project.

August 2011:
– 99% of the design and drawings will be complete
– End of August we expect to have final Ministry approval for the plans

September 2011:
– Tender to trades
– Ground breaking after tender review

July 2013:
– Substantial completion
– Teachers move into building

September 2013:
– Students Grade 4-8 start classess

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  1. This is so exciting to see a timeline and know it is really on the way! Thank-you for making this happen.

  2. Do you have any updates?

  3. I was just wondering too if there was anything new happening, if it was still on schedule and if they would be breaking ground before the snow flies? Thank you.

  4. So is this project on schedule according to the timeline? It doesn’t look like much is happening.

  5. Did the ground breaking occur and was not announced? Some parents now getting concerned the project will not meet the proposed open date of fall 2013. Can you provide an update please!

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