Construction Phase Begins!

We have reached the next critical stage in the development of our new school!

The Prairie Spirit Board has recommended awarding the tender for the Warman school project to Wright Construction. The Ministry must also now approve the tender submission before the construction company can start to develop a construction schedule.

The school facility is expected to be completed for the 2013/14 school year.

The new school is projected to open with over 700 students.  At this point the planning is for a grade 4-8 school however, the grades at the school will be finalized once the project is nearing completion.

In addition, starting in January, 2012, the community will be asked to offer suggestions for the name of the new school.

The new school will be part of a joint-use facility with the Warman Recreation Complex, currently under construction in the Town’s north end. The new school will have access to the gym facilities in the sports complex as part of a joint-use agreement already signed between the Town and the school division. The community will have access to the theatre and library which will be part of the school.

The following drawings will give you an idea what the school will look like.

(Left click to enlarge the drawings) 


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  1. Thank you for the update. It has been so long waiting for any ‘moving forward’ information that many people in town have become bitter and doubtful that anything at all was happening. Is there a plan for addressing traffic congestion and flow? This is a real problem at the elementary school currently.

    As far as naming, I know it is boring but we have ‘Warman Elementary School’ and ‘Warman High School’ so it would seem odd to have a special name for the Middle School other than Warman Middle School. I know that vote will lose out, but I’m putting it out there anyway. Please do not call it ‘The Legends’ Middle school. Sick of all the ‘Legends’ stuff in this town too. ( I really thought Warman Sport and Cultural Village encompassed a variety of activities more than just golf or one elite neighbourhood…alas I was wrong)

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Regarding traffic congestion the plan is to have traffic distributed to different sides of the school. People can enter the school through the east side of the recreation complex and through the west side of the school however, bus students will be dropped off and picked up at the east side of the recreation complex. We would expect most students being dropped off by car to enter the school through the west side of the school as the the west side of the school faces a residential area and has a large street with drop off areas for cars. The west side of the school also has a vehicle turn around half loop and a parking area for visitors to the school.

      Early in the New Year residents of Warman and area will have an opportunity to be part of the school naming. Possible names for the new school will be sent to a committee consisting of exisiting Warman School Community Council Chairs, Board Trustee, Superintendent of Schools and Principals of the three Warman schools. The committee will look at the ideas sent in and make recommendations to the Director of Education and the Director will take recommendations to the Board of Education for final selection.

      We hope to receive many ideas for the school name including Warman Middle School.

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