WCMS Identity/Logo Drafts Released

The WCMS logo/identity committee has considered feedback and established blue and green as the school colours. The team name ‘Storm’ was also selected. The committee is currently working in Warman schools to solicit feedback from staff and students on three logo concepts.

The committee is not bound to one of the four options ‘as is’. Through feedback the committee strives to make an informed decision that may include a combination of elements from the concepts being proposed.

Leave a comment to identify your favourite concept and any feedback you have for the committee to consider in modifying the current options before March 28. Please refer to the options by Draft 1,3,4, 5 or 7 as indicated in the tope left hand corner of each page.

Click on the link to see our top 4 drafts: TOP 4 logos for feedback from Warman stakeholders

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