All students who are currently attending grades 3-6 at WES and WHS will be automatically registered for next year at Warman Community Middle School. If your child is not planning on attending WCMS in the fall, we would appreciate if you would contact us to withdraw them from our registration list. Any students new to Warman (not currently attending a Warman School through June 30) who will be in grades  4-7 next fall should contact the WCMS office and register.

WCMS administration can be contacted in one of three ways:
1. Call our temporary office number (to June 30) at 306-683-2882.
2. Call the WCMS school office (as of Aug. 26) at 306-683-3000.
3. Send us an email at (subject line = new student registration). Please indicate the student’s full name, birthdate, last school attended, your contact information [telephone numbers & address] , and grade of the child as of Sept. 3, 2013.   




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