Final preparations for the first day of school

Greetings all! We are excited about the first day of school on Tuesday, September 3. Information previously communicated in our spring brochure and summer posts on our blog are all still accurate.

There are a few last minute details to communicate with regards to next week.

1. Bike racks: Our bike racks did not arrive with the rest of the playground equipment and are on back order. There will be limited bike rack parking for students for the first number of weeks. We would suggest the students do not bring bikes until the bike racks are in place. There are a few bike racks directly in front of the school, or students will have to park & lock bikes with kickstands on the grass to the southwest of the school/turnabout.

2. Microwaves: There will not be any microwaves in place for the first days of school. Please do not send any foods for lunch that needs to be warmed up for the time being as there is no way to do that.

3. Fencing: Please be aware of construction and snow fencing on the property that delineates construction and areas being landscaped (seeded). Please use the pathways and stay out of the dirt.

4.Gym clothes: The grade 6 & 7 supply lists advised students in those grades that they would be required to change for gym and that they should bring funds for WCMS Storm gym clothes on the first day of attendance.

  • Students in grades 6 & 7 will not be required to change for PE in the first weeks as the change rooms are not accessible.
  • We ask that students┬áNOT bring money on the first day for WCMS Storm gym wear. Our clothing order is not quite ready to deploy yet. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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