Pay It Forward

Nursing students from the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program have initiated a ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign. The campaign was promoted in WCMS through an assembly with the nursing students’ intent to promote positive and meaningful relationships between students, within the school, and in the community. The Pay It Forward challenge will be happening within our WCMS for three weeks. The WCMS students are encouraged to participate in three ‘random acts of kindness’ each week- expecting nothing in return- and instead, encouraging the recipient of the random act of kindness to ‘pay it forward.’ A small ‘kindness’ card noting the program will be left with the recipient of the act.


Within the school, students will be provided with strips of paper to write their random acts of kindness on. The strips of papers will then be linked together to form a chain, which will be used to decorate open common areas of the school/classrooms to display the students’ efforts in spreading kindness.


Pay It Forward wristbands will also be distributed to each student (when they arrive) to serve as a continuing reminder to put their ‘best foot forward’ in being kind, considerate, and an initiator and contributor of positive change.


To congratulate the class that does the most random acts of kindness, Subway at the Legends Centre and Warman Corner Service have generously provided some sponsorship of class prizes! Thank you!


Thank you to each and everyone in your support and willingness to participate in the Pay It Forward campaign!

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