Welcome Back – September 2

We look forward to welcoming students back to class on Tuesday, September 2.

A few reminders for a smooth first day:
Returning students were assigned a homeroom in June. Students who know their homeroom and are familiar with WCMS should enter via the appropriate boot room and proceed directly to their classroom.
New students who have not been assigned a homeroom should come to the office in the morning.
Parents are welcome to accompany students to their classroom on opening day. We look forward to seeing you.
Classes begin at 9:00. We understand that everyone is excited to return to class but ask that students not arrive until after 8:30 on Tuesday.
Parents should expect students to bring home the following on opening day: registration form (which should be updated and returned to the classroom teacher on the next day), technology acceptable use agreement (also to be returned to the homeroom teacher), and a calendar magnet (provided by your School Community Council).
Bikes and scooters: Additional bike racks have been located on the south playground. A reminder that scooters will not be allowed inside the WCMS/Legends Centre facility. Students shod prepare to store these in exterior bike racks or leave them at home.
Please reference the school handbook located on this website for detailed information on WCMS programs and operations.

See you Tuesday!

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