Design Update February 2011

The following drawings represent portions of the Middle School as well as portions of the Town of Warman Recreation and Culture Center.   The Prairie Spirit School Division and the Town of Warman have entered into a partnership to share spaces within each of the middle school and the recreation- culture complex.  The…

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Community Consultation

We have been adding to plans for our new school and are ready to show you what we are thinking so far.  We would also like your input into further planning.  Please consider attending the next community meeting as advertised below.   Click on graphic to enlarge and read the full invitation.  878 total views

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Welcome to the Warman Middle School Blog

Welcome to our blog!! The purpose of this blog: 1. To inform you regarding progress on this exciting project. 2. To gather input from you regarding your wishes, dreams and ideas for the development of this project. We look forward to your responses!!  1,958 total views

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Warman Middle School Location

Warman Middle School will be attached to the Town of Warman Sport and Culture Village. The shape of the school will be different than the one in this diagram. The Sport and Culture Village contains a skating rink and two soccer pitches. One of the soccer pitches will have three…

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