CTV HomeTown Tour BBQ – Thurs. May 29 – 12:00- 1:00 pm @ Legends

Hometown Tour BBQ Thursday, May 29 starting at 12:30 for WCMS students. Please remember to bring your $$$ on that day for a Hot Dog & water @ $3.00 or a Hamburger & water @ $5.00. Reminder that students are invited to a short pep rally in the gym at 1:15 on Thursday hosted by the City of Warman. The City is encouraging kids to wear Warman colours – minor hockey or other sports/activities from Warman, school t-shirts, etc.



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Inquiry Learning

Some teachers have been thinking about how project based inquiry learning can improve engagement for students.   Check out this video for a review of one school’s journey.

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Grade Configurations Announced

At its March 2nd meeting, the Prairie Spirit School Division Board of Education reviewed the anticipated population growth in Warman and the effect on school size for Warman Community Middle over the next three years. The Board has determined that the current grade configurations for all three Warman Schools will best distribute the student population until the new elementary school is completed in 2017. WCMS will accommodate grades 4 through 7 again next year, WES being our pre K – grade 3 and WHS being our grade 8-12 facilities in the community.
As a vibrant and growing community, things are constantly changing. Since the opening of WCMS in the fall, updated information on projected student enrollment, the announcement of a fourth public school for Warman and a desire to minimize further transitions in the next few years have been some of the factors that have informed the Board’s deliberations on this matter.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact Greg Tebay, WCMS Principal at 306-683-3000.

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