5d17a308-d168-4596-a94e-6b904760de66   Mr. Flett’s Grade 5s are learning about newspapers!

140c7cf7-6d35-45ce-92af-1103ceb63298Prairie Spirit School Division hosted a panel discussion entitled “Do Grades Matter?”

8aefc8dc-b21c-4e87-a2f2-852484aa0952 Sandra Herbst worked with students and teachers in Mrs. Georgacacos’s Grade 6 class.  We learned about how to work together to create criteria for a task so everyone knows how to meet the target.  Thanks Sandra!

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Panel Discussion

Just a reminder that Prairie Spirit School Division is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion called “Do Grades Matter?” featuring Sandra Herbst (visiting consultant), Michelle Prytula (U of S), Ian Kripps (Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation) , Lori Jeschke (PSSD), and Janet McVittie (U of S).  This event will start at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 3rd in the WCMS theatre.  This will be a great opportunity to learn and ask questions about the rationale for our new assessment system.  All are welcome!!

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Cyberbullying Presentation for Parents

Cyber Safety for Parents
SGT. Brian Trainor
Thursday January
9th, 2014
7-8 pm
Warman Community Middle School Theatre

WCMS and WHS School community Councils are pleased to welcome SGT. Brian Trainor who will speak on the topic of cyber safety. Brian provides relevant and useful
information about the cyber world and ideas on how to keep kids
and families safe. All are welcome to attend!

Parking available at the Legends Centre – enter through the second floor.

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A thought on motivation…

Daniel Pink’s research around what motivates people in different situations is an interesting piece of the puzzle as we continue to think about the changes we are working through in assessment.  His work is summarized here in this animation based on his book called Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.  Happy weekend, stay warm:) 

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