Access Plan Clarification

Moving students in and out of the facility is going fairly smoothly overall. A few reminders to parents and guardians as we continue to settle into the facility.

The area in front of the Legends Centre (east side of the facility) is for school bus loading. Please do not make arrangements to pick up your children from the Legends Centre parking lot immediately before or after school when the buses are on site. It is very dangerous for students to be walking between buses to access the Legends parking lot.

Pedestrian traffic and parent/guardian pickup takes place on the west side of the building. Students walking home should be exiting through the assigned student exit to the park paths and sidewalks. Private vehicles should park along Gowan Road when parents/guardians are picking up students.

The decision to have students enter/exit through different access points was made very strategically, and with the input of many different stakeholders,  to ensure the safety of all students.  If you have any questions or concerns about this plan, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


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Drama Club Presentation

The WCMS Drama Club will be presenting Free (a play by Lindsay Price) on December 13th and 14th at WCMS.  Admission will be by donation with proceeds going to future drama club activities.   Please plan to come out and see what this great group of students has been up to!

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With trick or treating season upon us, we want to remind all that WCMS is on NUT ALERT. We have students with life-threatening allergies to nuts. Please do not bring food items that contain nuts or nut products to school. We ask parents/guardians to be mindful of the amount and type of candy being brought to school by students.

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Two Shoe School

Students have been advised that WCMS is a two shoe school and they will be asked to remove their footwear at the door when they come in.  Our additional boot rooms are nearing completion but in the interim, we ask for cooperation in keeping our floors dry and safe.  Thank you!

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