Final preparations for the first day of school

Greetings all! We are excited about the first day of school on Tuesday, September 3. Information previously communicated in our spring brochure and summer posts on our blog are all still accurate.

There are a few last minute details to communicate with regards to next week.

1. Bike racks: Our bike racks did not arrive with the rest of the playground equipment and are on back order. There will be limited bike rack parking for students for the first number of weeks. We would suggest the students do not bring bikes until the bike racks are in place. There are a few bike racks directly in front of the school, or students will have to park & lock bikes with kickstands on the grass to the southwest of the school/turnabout.

2. Microwaves: There will not be any microwaves in place for the first days of school. Please do not send any foods for lunch that needs to be warmed up for the time being as there is no way to do that.

3. Fencing: Please be aware of construction and snow fencing on the property that delineates construction and areas being landscaped (seeded). Please use the pathways and stay out of the dirt.

4.Gym clothes: The grade 6 & 7 supply lists advised students in those grades that they would be required to change for gym and that they should bring funds for WCMS Storm gym clothes on the first day of attendance.

  • Students in grades 6 & 7 will not be required to change for PE in the first weeks as the change rooms are not accessible.
  • We ask that students NOT bring money on the first day for WCMS Storm gym wear. Our clothing order is not quite ready to deploy yet. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Noon Hour Supervision

WCMS is looking for individuals who would like to be noon hour supervisors.  We would be looking for you to fill one 50 minute time slot per day, as many times during the week as you would like.  Please contact Amy Orth or Lisa Mason at the school if you can help!

Welcome back! August 22, 2013

We hope you had a great summer and are excited to start school at WCMS. We are planning to open our doors to students on September 3. Construction has been intense over the summer and if you have been by the school lately you will have seen a huge amount of activity. There will still be some work to finish the building off throughout the fall that will occur outside school hours.

Following is information that will prepare you and your students for their first day at WCMS. The information is consistent with what we reported in our Parent Information brochure, and adds a few more details.

On your way to (from) school:

1. Buses (rural and in-town) will run on September 3rd. A reminder that all in-town bus students will need to obtain a bus pass, but no passes will be required on the first day. Bus passes to those who have applied will be distributed to students in their classroom on Sept. 1. More information on in-town busing (applications, eligibility, route schedules can be found at

2. Public parking is available on Gowan Road or in the public parking areas of the Legends Center parking lot.

3. Pedestrians are reminded to use crosswalks on their way to school. We continue to develop plans for student-pedestrian safety with the City of Warman. For the short term, WCMS staff will be on location at the intersection of Clubhouse Centennial Blvds. to provide assistance and monitor the situation. For students travelling to school from the east, there are clearly marked crosswalks at the south end of R.J. Gidluck Park and at Centennial Blvd. and Fourth St.   Pedestrians are asked not to cut through the Legends Centre Parking lot for their safety – use sidewalks and paths.

4. Pedestrian traffic is asked to access the school from the south side as the north side of the building as well as north play area is clearly cordoned off as a construction zone. Please use the walking paths, avoiding dirt and freshly seeded/sodded grass.


When you get to school:

1. Entry in the school on September 3 is through three temporary points: 1) The Legends Centre for bus riders and those who have parked in the Legends Centre lot     2) Through the main front doors on the south side of the school, and 3) the southwest student entrance on Gowan Rd.  You may use any entrance in the morning. We will establish a plan of having Grade 4 and 5 pedestrians use the southwest entrance, and grade 6 and 7 pedestrians use the main south doors until the other student exits are opened in the near future. Bus students will use the second story corridor into the Legends Centre to catch their school bus. School buses will load/unload directly in front of the Legends Centre.

2. We do have a two shoe policy, but realize we are going to have to be flexible in the short term. Outdoor footwear should be worn to the student’s classroom where they will change shoes and leave outdoor footwear in their locker. We would appreciate if any excessively wet or dirty footwear was removed at the entrance and carried.

3. Maps of the school and teachers’ classrooms and class lists will be posted throughout the school shortly after 8:00. We will have staff and members of our SCC on hand to provide assistance as needed.  Maps for access points, parking and floor plan with names are here for your information.

On the first few days of school:

1. As outlined in our parent brochure, the goals of our first few days are to establish routines, review safety/emergency procedures and get students settled into WCMS and their class.


At recess and lunch breaks:

1. We have a supervision plan in place to allow students onto the south playground areas.

2. WCMS and the City of Warman ask for your cooperation in staying off the R.J. Gidluck soccer field this fall. We will access and supervise the Percy Hoff Field.

3. Playground equipment is currently being installed and should be available to students on September 3rd.

4. We ask for student cooperation in avoiding the dirt/mud and staying away from the fenced off construction area. A specific overview of playground areas will be conducted by classroom teachers with their students.

5. Be aware that microwaves will not be in place for the first days of school. Please do not send warm ups. We will advise you when these are installed and become available.

6. Bike racks will be located on the south west side of the building for student use.  Please remember to lock your bikes!

More information can be found in our WCMS Handbook. This is a green and evolving document so please work with us during this exciting transition.