Warman Middle School Location

Warman Middle School will be attached to the Town of Warman Sport and Culture Village. The shape of the school will be different than the one in this diagram.

The Sport and Culture Village contains a skating rink and two soccer pitches. One of the soccer pitches will have three gymnasiums in it. Students will have opportunities to use these facilities.

We are excited about opportunities for students and the community due to the shared nature of this facility and we would like to hear from you about what you are looking forward to with this new combined facility.

source: Google Maps

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Student Workshop

As part of the design process various groups of people were consulted. Grade 4 to 8 students met at the Division office in June of 2010 to share their ideas with the design team. Prairie Spirit staff and Warman community members were also part of consultation processess in June

Ideas generated by students at the workshop.

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  • Sept. 2006
    • feasibility Study for an integrated facility
  • June 2010
    • meeting with students
    • meeting with staff
    • meeting with the public
    • principal appointed
  • Currently working on:
    • agreement with the town to share the rec complex
    • approval from Ministry to proceed with design
  • Next Steps:
    • Design Development Report(DDR) submission
    • detailed design
    • proposed tender and construction in 2011-2013 (depending on provincial Funding)

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School of the Future

This image explores a streetscape design. What features might be part of the Warman Middle School design?

**List things you would include in the design of the middle school including especially classrooms.

**Are you a PSSD student, staff, or Warman parent?

21 century learner
Placing the student at the heart of the design means we need to understand the learners who are in our schools. Research shows that student learning styles have chnaged, therefore we need learning spaces to accomodate a new generation who:
* Prefer multitasking and quick, non linear access to information
*Are visually – oriented
*Are highly networked, interactive and social
* Increasingly mobile
* Have a low tolerance for lecture style teaching
*Prefer active learning rather that passive learning
*Rely heavily on commuications technologies to access inforamtion and to carry out social and professional interactions
(Prensky 2001. Oblinger 2003)

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