Grade Configurations Announced

At its March 2nd meeting, the Prairie Spirit School Division Board of Education reviewed the anticipated population growth in Warman and the effect on school size for Warman Community Middle over the next three years. The Board has determined that the current grade configurations for all three Warman Schools will best distribute the student population until the new elementary school is completed in 2017. WCMS will accommodate grades 4 through 7 again next year, WES being our pre K – grade 3 and WHS being our grade 8-12 facilities in the community.
As a vibrant and growing community, things are constantly changing. Since the opening of WCMS in the fall, updated information on projected student enrollment, the announcement of a fourth public school for Warman and a desire to minimize further transitions in the next few years have been some of the factors that have informed the Board’s deliberations on this matter.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact Greg Tebay, WCMS Principal at 306-683-3000.

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Noon Supervisors Needed

Just a reminder that we are still looking for noon supervisors.   If you are available to work at the school from 12:34 – 1:28 please contact Lisa Mason.

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Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Spring student-parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for March 11th and March 13th. Conferences will be scheduled with the student’s homeroom teacher. (Parents wishing to speak to their child’s other teachers are invited to do so by contacting them directly at another time.) We request that students attend the conferences and hope that they will play an active role.

Please register and book your student-parent-teacher conferences at:   beginning today. This is the same system Warman families are used to using at the elementary and high schools.   If you need assistance, please contact the school office at 306-683-3000.

WCMS Administration

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5d17a308-d168-4596-a94e-6b904760de66   Mr. Flett’s Grade 5s are learning about newspapers!

140c7cf7-6d35-45ce-92af-1103ceb63298Prairie Spirit School Division hosted a panel discussion entitled “Do Grades Matter?”

8aefc8dc-b21c-4e87-a2f2-852484aa0952 Sandra Herbst worked with students and teachers in Mrs. Georgacacos’s Grade 6 class.  We learned about how to work together to create criteria for a task so everyone knows how to meet the target.  Thanks Sandra!

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