Do you have spirit?

Starting on Monday we are gathering all of our spirit for a week!

Monday-Neon/Bright Colours Day

Tuesday-Easter Character Day

Wednesday-Cohort Colours
Gr. 4-6-Blue
Gr. 7-9 Green
Grade 10-12 Red

Thursday-Twin Day

Transportation: Extreme Weather Policy

A bus route that is cancelled in the morning due to extreme cold will run in the afternoon, if conditions have improved. In the past, if a bus route was cancelled in the morning due to cold weather, it was automatically cancelled for the entire day. Bus routes cancelled at 6 a.m. due to cold weather will operate on their regular routes at the end of the school day, provided that temperatures reported at 12 noon are warmer than -40 degrees Celsius (combined temperature/windchill).

Families will receive notifications through the Versatrans My Stop app and the update will be posted on the Division’s website and phone hotline (306-683-2805) by 1 p.m.


The weather is not looking very good for the next little while and buses may or may not run. We are hoping to see as many students as we can but if you can’t make it, please go to your teacher’s learning platform for lessons. They will do as much as they can to keep you with the class.