*Next SCC meeting – scheduled for Thursday, May 30th @ DES @ 7pm – Annual General Meeting as well as Elections – positions open – Treasurer, Chair and Vice-Chair*

Successful schools don’t just happen. They need family and community involvement!

School Community Councils (SCCs) are legislated by the provincial government. Delisle Elementary School Community Council is a group of community, school and family members whose goal is to promote the learning success and well being of our students in a safe and caring environment. If you require further information please contact us.

A primary link between the home, community and school

Our School Community Council (SCC) supports student learning success and well-being and encourages parent and community involvement in the school. Prairie Spirit School Division believes that involvement with SCCs is a rewarding and meaningful activity for parent and community members. If you would like to make a difference at our school, please consider joining the SCC. Parents and members of the community are eligible to run for the local SCC.

Your School Community Council members for 2023 – 2024:

  • Jesse Reis, Principal
  • Amy Korver, Vice Principal
  • Bonnie Elliott, Chairperson
  • Erin Miller, Vice-Chairperson
  • Lisa Merkosky, Secretary
  • vacant, Treasurer
  • Christine Bakke, Parent Rep.
  • Zabrina Zoerb, Playschool Rep.
  • Jen Dudar, Parent Rep.
  • Anita Roston, Parent Rep.
  • Stacey Nimalovitch, Parent Rep.
  • Ann Kielo, Parent Rep.
  • Crista Gessell, Parent Rep.
  • Lindsey Hill, Parent Rep.
  • Rachel Ramsay, Parent Rep.
  • Amorita Hovorka, Parent Rep.
  • Tara Gessell, Parent Rep.
  • Brittni Isaac, Parent Rep.
  • Alesha Schumacher, Parent Rep.
  • Gloria Hayes, Parent Rep.
  • Jade Skinner, Parent Rep.
  • Leah Kirsch, Parent Rep.
  • Larissa Mack, Parent Rep.

We welcome families, caregivers and community members to join our SCC at any time for the upcoming school year.

The focus of the SCC is student learning and well-being

SCC Continuous Agenda

Purpose of the SCC and it’s responsibilities

SCC Guiding Principles

The SCC responds to the needs and aspirations of the school community it represents.