April 2011 Grade 9 News

Well, the grade 9’s have been learning up a storm lately while still managing to let our creative side show. Especially in Art, where we’ve been doing scratch art. In science, we’ve been studying chemistry and the make-up of atoms. Mr. Herman has been promising to take us up to the lab to study chemical reactions, but so far we haven’t been allowed to blow anything up. Well, not officially, anyway… In math we’ve been studying scale factors and symmetry. In ELA we’ve been studying Romeo and Juliet AND the war in Sierra Leone. Home Ec has us sewing like mad. In IA we’ve been repairing small engines and learning how to weld. We’ve been fitness texting, I mean testing, in Phys Ed. The Middle Ages and the Black Death have been the focus of our studies in Social. We’ve been checking out the different educational requirements for jobs in Careers. And, last but not least, we finished up reading Tarzan and are studying the ill effects of gambling in Health class. Have a great Easter Break everyone!
Thanks to Monica for her invaluable assistance in creating this newsletter item.