Grade 10 News

Well, we’re at that time of year again: half way between the start of school and Christmas – well, give or take, anyway. November is a busy time of year. In Science, they’ve started learning chemistry, starting with the history of the at- om. “Challenges in Life” is the focus in ELA. The students have been exploring this by studying two people who ran across the Sahara Desert. In Social, they’ve been studying elections, and just watched Wag the Dog. In IA, they’ve been cabinet making, and Home Ec has been doing interior design. In Driver’s Ed, the pylon course has been seeing a lot of use as our budding young learners prepare for gravel roads. Math has seen them finishing up a project and now studying for their test on Surface Area and Volume. And, last but not least, in Wellness, the students have been playing Beach Volleyball (inside, and minus the beach) and JukeBall. Have a great month!