Grade 10 News

The grade 10’s are well into semester two and are working very hard. They’ve just finished Of Mice And Men in ELA. Factoring has been the focus in Foundations 10. Wellness has the kids lifting weights and batting an almost weightless birdie around in badminton. In Wildlife Management, they just finished watching March of the Penguins and have also been studying hunting and trapping. If Mr. A plans a trip to Antarctica anytime soon, at least we know the kids won’t starve. Science has had a similar focus as they study the populations of humans and other animals on the planet. In History, they just finished watching Wag the Dog. Food Safety is still the topic du jour in Commercial Cooking (so hopefully we won’t have any bad reactions to the soup du jour). And finally, in IA, the kids have been making house plans a digital reality as they learn Computer Assisted Drafting. Have a great month!