Grade 8 News

In Social Studies we have wrapped up our unit on First Nations and their Canadian Identity. In Science we are now working on the “Cardboard Boat Race” which takes place in early May. In Physical Education we have finished our badminton unit and fitness testing. We are starting some Archery, Inter-Lacrosse (indoor non-contact), some more games, and then…. Track and Field…as soon as it dries up. In Career Ed. we are looking at personal inven- tories, skills and developing an initial framework for a resume. Health is looking at personal relationships. In Home Ec. we are starting on basic baking. In Industrial Arts we have arrived at … Freedom 55! …Finally, we have had to pick and design a woodworking project of our own choice. Now we just have to get it done by Mr. Tyndall’s due date…and then get them out of the hallway.