Grade 9 News

What a month we’ve had. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the great buffalo lives. We spent some time talking about the mighty buffalo and how the First Nations people could have possibly killed these things with their available tools. We tried to build our own weapons and then we visited the neighboring farm to get up close and personal with the real deal. Abso- lutely huge. We’ve always thought it amazing that the First Nations people utilized so much of the mighty beast, but after getting within a few feet of one, it’s amazing that they could even kill one. Feel free to ask us about our experience.

In ELA, we’re studying Animal Farm and in Social Studies, we are exploring the use of propaganda in the 20th Century. We made our own propaganda posters for Animal Farm and they are currently on display in our classroom. Please stop in.

Mr. Tyndall continues to inspire us with all things science, specifically in the areas of alternative energy sources.

Mr. Herman + Math = Fun

We are counting down the days until our Canoe trip (60) and will soon be starting our physical and mental training so as to make this the most memorable of memories.

Thanks to all.