Grade 9 News

Well, we are all abuzz. Our Canoe trip is only 27 days away! It seems like only 180 days ago that we had 207 days to wait. Mr. Graham always says, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” He’s always making up sayings like that. He’s so wise, but he’s no “Renaissance Man”. A Renaissance man is someone who is good at many things from the arts to the sports to the academics.

We’ve wrapped up George Orwell’s Animal Farm and we have started a new novel study on books about the civil war in Sierra Leone, A Long Way Gone and Bite of The Mango. We are doing comparison studies of Canada and Sierra Leone. There is a lot that we take for granted in this land of ours, that’s for sure.

We’re continuing a very thorough unit in Health class about Family Life. Keep it going Mr. Tucker! This is good stuff. Some of you might find this shocking, but we are learning about electricity in science class. Did you know that things like lights and televisions run on electricity? Well, now we know that too! We have been looking forward to our Track meet and working hard preparing for it in Phys. Ed.

In Math we are learning about the amazing world of Circle Geometry. Mr. Herman loves circles and that passion is contagious.