Grade 10 News

Hanley, Saskatchewan, home of some of the last free-ranging grade tens in the wild mid-grass prairie region of North America. Come with us as we follow them on an epic journey of education through this somewhat tamed wilderness. On a typical day, your average grade ten stu- dent will rise and slowly make their way to school where they engage in a wide variety of social and educational activities. After some initial snacking and visiting amongst peers, students make their way either to Wildlife Management where they have been learning about chickens (a staple of the grade ten diet), or perhaps to Wellness, where they hone their physical abilities in either archery or track and field. Next, it is on to math, where the deep philosophical meaning of linear equations is revealed. From there, a typical student will go on to learn about cooking and selling food in Commercial Cooking, or per- haps the inner-workings of a housing design project in IA. In Science and History, students learn about covalent bonding among elements of the periodic table, or the French revolution. Finally, in ELA, they have been studying Schindler’s List, and the work that he did saving people in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Join us next month as we follow the grade tens as they enter into the final exam season, where stress and tension abound.