Grade 8 News

Wow! The grade eights have finally actually made it into a classroom in the High School! So, to celebrate, we are reviewing in Math their foundational math skills and will shortly be studying “Square Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem”. While in ELA the students have been sharpening their grammatical skills and will begin their first thematic unit, “On the Edge of Survival”, shortly. Meanwhile, in Art class, the 8’s are making beautiful art out of simple 1 inch black lines. In Science, the unit of study is Cells, Tissues and Organs. We have investigated living versus non-living things. We are about to embark on the microscopic world with our new found knowledge of the microscope. In Health, students are learning about promoting physical activity to others. In PE we are trying to sneak in those summer and fall activities outside before the weather turns too cold on us.