Grade 6

As the snowy season gets under way the grade 6’s are learning about some of the history of Japan and a young girl named Sadako in ELA. We continue to work on spelling and grammar as well. In Math we are currently learning about patterns and equations. We are almost finished our solar system unit, it has been great

and the students worked very hard to create the solar system in the classroom. In Social Studies, we are still looking around the world and seeing how others live and compare it to how we live. We have also been looking at some of Canada’s history. In health we are finishing up our identity unit by looking at our family history and how parts of our past have contributed to our identity. We will be learning about basketball and continue to play games in Phys. Ed. In Art we have been working with water colours and painting. I hope to see many of you at the Christmas Family Fun Festival on December 12.