Grade 7

This month in Grade 7 we saw a few big changes. Miss Adelman has joined our class while Mrs. Bain is away on ma- ternity leave. She is excited to be here and get to know everyone better!

In ELA, the girls are continuing to work on the theme Science Fiction and are currently studying the novel Dust. The boys just finished a book called, Escape from Home and are now working on a final project. In Social we are finishing up the unit on “Cooperation and Interdependence in North America”. In Science, we are wrapping up a unit on “Earth’s Crust”. We will be having a unit test this week. In Careers, we have been exploring different types of jobs and will now be looking at how to make a resume. In Math, the girls are finishing up a unit on Integers and the boys are just beginning to learn about Integers. The girls will be having a Math test on Tuesday, Nov. 20. The girls are also learning to router in I.A. and are really enjoying it!

At the end of November or early December, we will finally, have our swimming and bowling field trip. Notes will come home with more information on the field trip and fundraising efforts when Miss Adelman knows more details.

Note from Miss Adelman:
I am very excited to be teaching the Grade 7’s for the rest of the year! I have enjoyed getting to know your child so far and look forward to getting to know them better throughout our time together. I will be contacting all parents just to say “hello”, introduce myself, and let you know how things are going so far. I hope to talk to everyone before the end of November so please expect a call from me in the next couple of weeks! I am looking forward to talking with all of you and if you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact me at 544-2511. -Janet Adelman