Grade 7 News

January was a cold but busy month that flew by! The Grade 7’s are now settling in to our second semester at school. In ELA, the girls are continuing work on the Unit: Learning from the Past and have learned some very inter- esting things about an Ice- man! In Math, they just wrote a unit test on Fractions, Decimals and Percent and have started a new unit on Circles and Areas. In ELA, the boys are still reading the novel Megiddo’s Shadow by Arthur Slade and in Math they are continuing to work with fractions and decimals. In Social Studies, both groups have started a new unit on Power and Authority and in Science they are doing a series of labs on Changes of State of Materials as it relates to Particle Theory. The girls and boys have switched for I.A. and Home Ec. and are now learning new skills in those subject areas. In PE, we are into our Badminton unit and wrapping up Floor Hockey. I hope that everyone has a happy, restful, and safe February break!

-Miss Adelman