Grade 10 News

Well, since we can’t go outside (ok, we CAN go outside, but since when do we have to worry about the wind chill factor AND the UV index AT THE SAME TIME!!!) – sorry. Anyway, I’ve decided that we’re doing a scramble – I’ll mix up the name of the class with the explanation of what they’re doing and YOU have to figure out what class it is! This is as close as a math teacher comes to having fun with letters outside of algebra and alpha-ghetti. In Thma, the grade 10’s are working on perfect squares and perfect cubes. In ALE, they’re studying racism and the holocaust. In Lifewild Mentmanage (ok, I didn’t try very hard on that one) they’re focusing on wilderness survival skills. In Sellnews, they’ve started doing Track and Field. In AI, the

industrious (that’s a clue!) little leaners are learning the art (that’s another clue) or Computer Assisted Drafting. In Osicla, they’ve been examining the political spectrum of Canada. And finally, in Mmercialco Okingco, the meal this week will be Chicken Noodle Soup with Red Lobster TM style biscuits and Puffed Cakes of Wheat.