Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, only two months of school left! Time has sure been flying by! In ELA, we will soon be wrapping up our poetry unit. The students have done a wonderful job with their writing! So far, we have written and published haiku, triplet, diamante, alphabet, and acrostic poems. We will be learning about one or two more poems, and then constructing our poetry anthology. As mentioned in last month’s letter, if there are any pictures to decorate the student’s acrostic poem about themselves, please send them in the next week. Just remember to send something that can be cut out and glued onto their poem.

We are also starting guided reading centers in ELA that we will continue to work on until the end of the year. In math, the grade two’s are just beginning a unit on geometry, while the grade three students are learning about data management with Mr. Woods-Fehr. In science, we will soon finish our habitat research project. The students have researched their individual habitats and are now writing their reports which they will share with the class in the next couple of weeks. We also talked about creating a small representation of their habitat to share with the class as well. Please help your child create this at home and send it to school for May 6, when we will start presenting our projects. A small box, such as a shoebox would work for creating this representation. I also have a few cheesecake boxes if you do not have something at home that would work. Students can paint, build their habitat out of clay, or use toy models as some examples for their project. Please don’t spend a lot of money, but be creative with what you have at home if possible. Please include what the habitat looks like, as well as maybe some animals and plants that you may find there. Thank you for your help with this fun project!