Grade 9 News

Our camping trip is quickly approaching. The trip dates have been moved up a day. Due to the Provincial Track meet starting on June 7th, and the number of grade 9 students who are potential provincial athletes, we had to make that adjustment. We’ve been busy preparing ourselves for all of the anticipated adventures that await us. As we finished up our discussions about the book, Into The Wild, and read a short story by Jack London called To Build a Fire, we decided to venture out into the field and build our own fires from scratch. Some groups were successful, some were not. My hope is that those who were unsuccessful will sharpen their survival skills before heading north. Again, any parent help would be appreciated. We have just started reading an amazing true story called The Sunflower. The preamble says, “ You are a prisoner in a concentration camp. A dying Nazi soldier asks for your for- giveness. What would you do?” As we read this together, we will be able to explore some huge questions regard- ing war, evil and the possibilities and

limits of forgiveness.

In Social studies, we learned about multi-national corporations, as well as where and how the goods we buy are manufactured. Incredible. We also continue to follow what happening daily with CNN Student News.

Genetics, symmetry and track and field usually round off our learning day. 

On May 28th, we will be visited by the health nurse who will spend the morning teaching us about Health and Sexuality. A more detailed par- ent letter will be sent home.