Grade 10 News

Only a month and a half left! Where has this year gone? The grade 10’s are fighting conflicting feelings right now, wanting to be outside in the sunshine, but forced to stay in to keep up with their mounds of home- work. Mr. H. has been piling on tons of work with radicals and fractional exponents. Envisioning the cube root of negative twenty seven on the bull’s eye of the target has been helping them hone their accuracy with ar- chery in Wellness, though. Track is also in full swing, with eliminations happening this week. In Wildlife Management, they’ve been looking at endangered species and wildlife activists. The yummy meals keep on coming from the kitchens of the commercial cookers (I had the pulled pork last week, it was awe- some). The IA students are still

busy drafting up a storm in CAD. In Social, they’ve been studying economics, and finally, in ELA, they’ve been studying perspectives of WWII. Have a great spring!