Grade 8 News

Math – The grade 8’s are currently working on square roots and the Pythogorean Theorem. They will be verifying the theory and practicing their hand at figuring out area and using basic formulas.

ELA – The Giver (8.1) and The Outsiders novel study (8.2)

Art – Sketching and mixed media on canvas

Science – The girls in Science are wrapping up the first unit of study about “Water Systems on Earth”, specifically; the geological forces that create fresh and salt water systems, and the study of tides, currents, and waves. Boys are working on the laws of reflection in a plane mirror

Health – Group 8.1 is studying “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. We are now at the point of Habit 2 “Begin With the End in Mind” soon we’ll be onto Habit 3 “Put First Things First”.

Health – Group 8.2 is making brochures “What’s so great about you!?”

PE – Students are busy with Tchoukball, Volleyball, and a variety of other games which include fitness components. We are getting ready for fitness testing that starts right after the Thanksgiving Holiday break. Soon we will start fitness circuits and some workouts in the weight room.

Social – Interdependence of Nations.

Home Ec –  Students are busy baking up a storm in the Baking Basics unit. The room smells and tastes yummy of pancakes, waffles, muffins and various kinds of biscuits. They will be having a cookie exchange party as they learn about the different types of cookies.

I.A. – Grade 8’s have just started their CAD drafting. They were pumped last day to get into the computer lab.