Hanley School Christmas Dinner

It’s hard to believe that it is soon December! The Annual Christmas Dinner will be held at noon on Friday, December 20th. It is a great Hanley School tradition full of Christmas spirit, fellowship and a feeling of one big family in celebration, as the students from K-12, staff, bus drivers and division office staff, gather together. The turkeys will be supplied by the SRC with the rest of the meal being contributed by families.

You will be receiving an email on Nov. 25th. Please read through the contribution form and reply with your choices by December 2nd. I will then choose one of your choices and organize the meal. I will send an email on December 12th with the item we would like you to donate.

Non-perishable food items can be brought to the Home Ec. room between Monday, December 16th and Friday, December 20th. Perishable food items should be brought Friday morning by 9:00; potatoes at 11:50; turkey and gravy at 11:00.

Dishes should be labeled and can be picked up in the main lobby Friday afternoon before 3:00 p.m.
Thank you in advance to everyone who is donating food or cooking a turkey for our annual Christmas Dinner.