Before and After School Program Next Year

We are excited to announce that there will be a Before and After School program offered for the upcoming school year 2014-2015. It will be provided by Bekki Kemp- ton and Molly Speir.

The program will be offered from 7:00 a.m. until school begins and from school dismissal until 5:45 p.m. As this is the start of a new program, we need to assess the level of interest in the community.

We will be hosting an information night on Tuesday, April 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the school library, where we will provide more information about programming and fees.

If you have questions before the information night, please contact us via email at:

2013 Yearbook Update

We typically have about 3 yearbook meeting a week as we try our hardest to finish last year’s yearbook. We really wanted it finished earlier this fall, unfortunately, it’s taken longer than planned because we have lost some of our regular yearbook club members and have had to teach the new crew how to use the yearbook design website. There are only a about 10 pages to complete before we can do the final edit and send to the printers.

Counsellor’s Corner

The First Principle of Natural Discipline is: Use Connection, Not Separation, to Bring a Child into Line

“Connection is the source of our parenting power and influence and of the child’s desire to be good for us. Connection should be both our short-term objective and our long-term goal.” We need connection before we can give direction that will be followed. Imagine that your spouse has come home from work and the first words you say are “Take out the garbage.” Now imagine that your spouse has come home from work and you give him or her a kiss on the cheek, ask how their day was, and then say, “Would you mind taking out the garbage for me?” We all know which of those options is going work best and the same is true with our children. We need to “collect” people before we can expect to “direct” them.

Some ways to connect with children are to spend time with them doing things that they enjoy. These do not need to be expensive. They can be as simple as going for a walk, playing a game, throwing a ball, making a meal, or eating supper together to name a few.

Remember—the goal of this time is to build connection. It is not the time to talk about all of the things that aren’t working for you or that you’re worried about. The goal is to build connection and create good memories together.


Hanley School Christmas Dinner

It’s hard to believe that it is soon December! The Annual Christmas Dinner will be held at noon on Friday, December 20th. It is a great Hanley School tradition full of Christmas spirit, fellowship and a feeling of one big family in celebration, as the students from K-12, staff, bus drivers and division office staff, gather together. The turkeys will be supplied by the SRC with the rest of the meal being contributed by families.

You will be receiving an email on Nov. 25th. Please read through the contribution form and reply with your choices by December 2nd. I will then choose one of your choices and organize the meal. I will send an email on December 12th with the item we would like you to donate.

Non-perishable food items can be brought to the Home Ec. room between Monday, December 16th and Friday, December 20th. Perishable food items should be brought Friday morning by 9:00; potatoes at 11:50; turkey and gravy at 11:00.

Dishes should be labeled and can be picked up in the main lobby Friday afternoon before 3:00 p.m.
Thank you in advance to everyone who is donating food or cooking a turkey for our annual Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Concert

Please join us for our Christmas Concert on Tuesday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the Hanley School gymnasium. We are presenting a musical called “The Night the Reindeer Rocked”.

Hope to see you there!

Library News

Exciting things are happening in the library! We are getting a new library program called “Destiny”. When we get back from Christmas Holidays the program will be installed in all of the Prairie Spirit Schools. In order to have this program installed, we have to have all library books returned by December 2nd. Please help your kids remember to bring back all of their books by Monday Dec. 2nd. Thanks for your support.

Scholastic Book Fair 

The Book Fair was a big success this year! Thank you for all your support. The stu- dents will see the new books in the library after the new program has been installed. We were able to take 50% of our total sales in new books for the library.

Thanks to Scholastic for donating prizes throughout the fair. The Family Event winner was Kabree B. She won $25.00 worth of books and her classroom also won $25.00 worth of books. Many other prizes were given out through the week.

Give the Gift of Reading

This Christmas give someone the gift of reading, by donating a new or gently used book. The library will be collecting books for all ages – from infant to adult- from De- cember 2- December 13. These books will be donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Hampers.
So share your love of reading with those in need and bring a book down to the library!!

Thanks for your generosity!

Ski Trip Cancelled

Table Mountain has cancelled our booking for the ski trip on March 22nd due to impassable roads from the snow storm this week. They were not able to reschedule our school for next week as they are fully booked already. Table Mountain will not be open after the April break which will result in the trip being cancelled for this school year. We are as disappointed as the students will be to hear we will not be able to reschedule the trip but we will look forward to another opportunity next year, as well as better weather.