Grade 9 News

May. It’s May. We can hardly believe how fast this year has gone. They say time flies when you’re learning and having fun. We believe. In ELA, we are finally reading Romeo and Juliet. It’s a classic. It’s got so many themes and life lessons. Friar Lawrence believes that inside each of us lies the potential to do great evil or great good. What we become is determined by the little choices we make every day.
With that in mind, in Social Studies, we’ve been looking at some of history’s most evil people and history’s heroes. Fascinating. Math class has us learning and drawing fractals. What is a fractal? Ask us. Ms. Prakash is showing us the excitement of electricity, static and otherwise. Pretty interesting. In Health/ Careers we’ve been looking at the new Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course. Any young person who wants a job in Saskatchewan, now has to pass the test and receive the certificate before they can start a job. As the students pass, their certificate will be printed off and they can take it home and add it to their portfolio. In art class we are creating personal flags for our camping trip.
Speaking of the camping trip, it is only weeks away. Needless to say, there is a buzz about the room as this event grows ever closer. Please keep bringing the forms and money in as quickly as you can. Thanks.