Grade 5 & 6 News

During the month of October, the grade 5/6 class will continue to learn about the First Nations and how Canada has become a multicultural nation. As a class we will be going outside with Mr. Anderson to learn about building fires and how the First Nations lived long ago. We will be cooking bannock over the fire and enjoying a delicious snack. In ELA we are learning about heroes and what makes someone a hero. We have begun new units in both grade 5 and 6 math. We are learning about place value and whole numbers. In Science we are finishing up a unit about the Solar System. The students are presenting information about planets as well as vehicles built for space. In health we are learning about choices, decisions and setting goals. I hope to see you and your child at the Tri-conferences that are coming up.

Ms. Bishop Moisan and the grade 5/6 class.