Grade 1-2

Wow! Time is just flying in the Grade 1/2 room! We can’t believe that the break is nearly here. We have been doing lots in our classroom the last little while, and will be switching over to lots of subjects in the coming weeks. Both the grade 1/2’s were working hard in Math learning about Measurement, and have now finished their units. We will be moving on to Geometry this week. In Language Arts we have almost finished up our Unit on Fairy Tales, and will soon be moving on to Poetry. We have done a lot of reading and discussion on our feelings and how they effect our decision making processes, and the way they can effect those around us. In Social Studies we have been continuing our learning on Families, Traditions and Celebrations. Currently we have been talking about cultural diversity, and will be trying out a few foods from different cultures. On February 8th, we celebrated the 100th day of school with many fun activities. We brainstormed 100 words we knew, performed 100 acts of kindness, and also did some reading, writing, and math all with 100 as our theme. The kids dressed up as if they were ‘100’ years old, and looked great! It was a good day! We would also like to send out a big thank you to the parents who were able to come out and help tie skates on Friday. It was a huge help, and made the afternoon run so smoothly. We really appreciate it. Thank you!