Grade 12 News

Well here we are, finally Seniors in the place we’ve called home for the past 13 years. We’re getting right back into the swing of things and the year is already flying by. In History and English, we are learning all about Canada, starting with the land. Who knew doing those maps in Grade 4 would help us later on in school. In Chemistry, we are already wrapping up our review unit and are feeling the chemical reaction of excitement within us! PreCalculus is proving to be the challenge we expected, but who doesn’t love graphing!? Industrial Arts and Home. Ec are always a blast, but I think recess and lunch hour are still winning the favourite class award in our hearts. Here’s to a good year!



Grade 12 News

Finally, school comes to an end, and for us it will be our last month in Hanley School forever. We have been busy getting ready for Grad, but now that it is over, we get to focus on our stud- ies once again. And what do our studies consist of? Learning on our own, basically. We have been doing Independent Research Projects in all of our classes, except for Phys Ed and ELA, the class in which we dabbled in the world of Shakespeare and read Hamlet.

Now we face the world full of ambitions, waiting to see what we will become! To be, or not to be, that is the question!

– Alexander

Grade 12 News

In ELA, we just finished answering our unanswerable questions, in essay form, and we are now reading excerpts from The Book of Negroes. In Calculus, we are finishing Graphical Equations of the Derivative, and in Foundations, we are finishing the Line of Credit/Loans Unit. Phys Ed is improving our bodily fitness, Biology is teaching us about genetics, and Physics is teaching us about electricity, which just proves how electrifying Grade 12 can be.


Grade 12 News

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Grade 12’s are planning, and sincerely looking forward to Graduation. In ELA, we are reading and interpreting the novel Brave New World. In Calculus, we are learning about derivatives and in Foundations, we are covering economics. In Phys. Ed. , we get the opportunity to improve our physical fitness, and in Biology, we are covering genetics. In Physics, we are learning about gravitated energy, and we even have students participating in online courses like Psychology and Exercise Science.

Grade 12 News

As the second semester starts, we are examining our own identities in ELA B30. In Calculus, we are starting to look at limits and continuity. In Biology, we’re finishing up our first unit with biochemistry; and in Physics, we just finished the first unit and are on to learning about vectors. As Foundations 30 kicks off, we are starting on set theories, and in Gym we are working hard in the weight room. – Hailey

Grade 12 News

We’re half way there! In ELA/ SS we are finishing up our Con- federation of Canada Conference, which involves a lot of arguing (something that Mr. Kirk LOVES to see for some reason…), The only bad thing is that we have to be somewhat historically accurate. Like what fun is that? In Chemistry, we have just finished our Electro-chemistry unit. In Pre-Calculus, we have had a test on function operations. No more functions for the semester!!! And last but not least, we have IA and in the words of Steven “We’re building stuff.” For the last week of the semester, we plan on doing a lot of studying…or not.

Final Exam Schedule

Monday, January 28, 2012 @ 9AM

  • ELA A30/SS 30
  • Found 20
  • Math 21
  • Science 10

Tuesday, January 29, 2012 @ 9AM

  • Chemistry 30
  • ELA 20/History 20
  • WkPl 10

Wednesday, January 30, 2012 @ 9AM

  • WkPl & A30
  • Biology 20 b
  • Science 21
  • ELA A10

Thursday, January 31, 2012 @ 9AM

  • PreCalc 30
  • Physics 20
  • Life Trans 30
  • Interior Design 30

General Information:

  • Students may have 2 ½ hours to write each exam.
  • Return all textbooks/school materials on the day of the examination.
  • Students must write for a minimum of one hour.
  • There are assigned study hall rooms for grades 10 to 12.
  • Students need to clean out their lockers and return all library books.
  • The first day of classes for the second semester will be Monday, February 4, 2013.

Grade 12 News

The Grade Twelves’ are just finishing up their Math units on Logarithms and Tessalations. We are coming to the end of our Acid and Bases unit in Chemistry. In English/ History, we have started a new unit on Building a Nation, and the formation of the nation of Canada.


Grade 12

Ah..Grade 12, what a hard year it’s been thus far from being constantly worked without pay. Our fingers worked to the bone, some of us suf- fer from sleep deprivation due to our nightmares of essays and tests. We start the day off with English/Social Studies, trying to master the pen and expand our social perspective on Canadian issues. Then there is third class, which is chemistry: just when you think Mrs. Prakash’s voice will give out from the constant prodding and encouraging directed at unwilling teenagers, she finds someone else to do it for her: Mr. Howie teaches us about equilibriums while watching over us with a stern gaze, a trick believed to be taught to him by his mentor, by Mrs. Prakash. After a short lunch break, we are then herded in to Mr. Herman’s room to be lectured on the finer points of pre-calculus 30 by Mr. Bartsch. As we are tested mentally, physically and emotionally during this hour, it is a wonder no one manages to lose their composure, although outbursts of crying aren’t uncommon, due to release of stress caused by the constant barrage of radians and identities. Finally to end the day, we are thrust into Mr. Tyndall’s domain. Through the haze of sawdust and screams, we are pressed to complete a master piece, of which none of us can even begin to comprehend. Although we are sometimes lost for days in the vastness of the shop, with nothing to survive on but small chunks of 2×4, amazingly we all still survive…for now.

Grade 12

The Grade 12’s have been extremely busy expanding their intellectual horizons. In ELA/SS, they have been learning about First Nations culture and history, as well as reading the novel Three Day Road. In Chemistry, they have been studying Rate of Reactions, and in Math they are learning Trigonometry. Most of the Grade 12’s are also very busy with Football, Volleyball, and SRC and they have all done a great job stepping up into leadership positions within the school.