Grade 9 News

The Grade Nine Canoe trip was an incredible experi- ence for us all. Although the forecast was ominous, we headed into Canada’s great north. Our coolers were full of junk food, our bus was filled with tarps and our hearts were filled with anticipation. The weather was perfect as the pouring rain held off until the last hour of our quest. Being in the middle of the lake in the pouring rain was amazing.

When we weren’t on the lake, we sat around blazing fires, played crazy games and stayed up well past our regular bedtimes just like big kids. Special thanks to Mr. Graham and Mr. Anderson for planning the trip. Thanks also to the parent chaperones who brought the perfect attitude of work, rest and play. And last but certainly not least, hail to the bus driver, Harold, who maneuvered us safely home under tornado filled skies.

This is the last newsletter of the year. It’s been great from start to finish. On behalf of myself, Mr. Graham, thanks to the students for a memorable year.

Grade 8 News

In Math we are working on a Year-End Review, and the students will write a cumulative exam on Friday June 22. In Science we are finishing a Unit Review on Forces, Fluids and Density. We will be having a Final exam on this Unit Monday June 25. In Social Studies we are finishing our current events and preparing for a current events quiz on June 26. In Physical Education we are finishing Fitness Testing and we are playing some modified Slow-Pitch. In Health we have finished a Drugs and Alcohol Unit. While in English we are continuing “Voices from the Holocaust”. In Art we have finished our presentations on Dance and working on the drama “Twelve Angry Men”. In Industrial Arts we are finishing our Wood Projects. Finally, in Home Ec., we are sewing our Pyjama Pants.

Grade 7 News

Wow! Our year has simply flown by! The end of the year for Grade 7 students has been busy. We have been wrapping up units in all of our core content areas. We will be ending the year by finishing up with poetry in ELA, geometry in math, First Nations Culture in Social, and the Earth’s crust in science. On Friday, June 15th, our class ventured out to the Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Centre. We took part in team building activities/challenges, zip line and high ropes courses. I have to say I  am very proud of all of the students for challenging themselves in all the tasks. Furthermore, our chaperones were outstanding as well! Thank you to all of our chaperones: Charlotte Hawes, Julie Bellina, Kevin Lester, Renee Adams, Lyanne Leuschen, Tim and Lacey Schroeder, and Char Seymour.

On June 22, our class will be going to the home of Charlotte Hawes, where she will provide our crew with lunch, with activities to follow. Also, Julie and Jason Bellina have offered to bring the class lunch on the final day of classes (June 27). Thanks so much! We appreciate it!

In closing, I would like to thank the Grade 7 class of 2011-2012 for a wonderful year. The positive personality, strong work ethic, and fabulous sense of humour demonstrated by each person were what made the year an absolute joy. Thank you to all the parents for their support and involvement throughout the year. Finally, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer!

Grade 6 News

With the school year coming to an end the grade 6’s have been finishing up several items. We are finishing up the novel Tunnels of Time. It was a great book to go along with our trip to Moose Jaw to see the tunnels and tour the city. We were joined by the grade 6’s from Dundurn and had a great time! We completed a unit in math about perimeter and area and are now focusing on patterns and equations. In Science we are wrapping our unit on space and the students have been working very hard on Social Studies projects about quality of life in Canada and other countries around the world. I can’t wait for the presentations on Wednesday. What a great group of students I have been able to finish out the school year with. I wish everyone a safe and fun filled summer with friends and family.

Grade 4 & 5 News

Here it is…. Well, another school year has come and gone! We had a fantastic year together in our class. With our year end trip to Batoche and a few other year end parties we are able to celebrate the successes we had together this school year. I could not be more proud of a group of students and what they accomplished in 10 months. Continue to be thinkers, and never stop asking questions! I look forward to seeing you continue your successes at Hanley School. Have a great summer!!

Grade 2 & 3 News

I can hardly believe summer holidays are almost here! How time flies! The students just participated in the Try-All-Athon last Friday and did so well! I am very proud of them! The grade 2/3’s will be wrapping up their Structures & Materials unit in Science with a birdhouse project. The Grade 2’s have completed all of their Math units and have been reviewing for the past few days. In ELA, the grade 2/3’s worked on an author study with Mrs. Trach, and compiled a book; we have been continuing to work on reading, writing, and comprehension. In Health and Social, we will be wrapping up our units at the end of the week. On Tuesday, June 26th, the grade 2/3’s will be having their year-end party! In the morning we will be going to see the Buffalo at Les’s farm, and then we will be heading to Prosofsky’s for a pool party and bbq! I had an amazing four months with the grade 2/3’s and the staff at Hanley. I hope everyone has a fun- filled summer and best of luck for the 2012/2013 school year! I will miss everyone dearly!

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

I can’t believe our year is already wrapping up! What a fantastic year the K/1 class has had! They have each grown so much in so many ways! I am excited for what is to come for each of them! We are finishing up the year with lots of creative writing and science experiments.

Both groups will complete their geometry unit in the next week and will undergo lots of year end assessments in reading, writing, and math. Our class party is this Friday. A note will go home about that on Wednesday. There will also be information going home about the last day of school. I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun summer! It’s been a pleasure to teach your children this year!

From the Office

Well it’s that time again for another piece of wisdom and information from Hanley Composite School’s office. It feels like we may have finally seen the start of spring weather and it’s sure a relief. We have a number of events planned for the last few weeks of school and I’ve tried to give you that list included in this newsletter on the back page.

Congratulations to our Drama club who performed “Broken Hearts Club” at Regionals after a very successful drama season including a tasty dessert theatre. Great job everyone!!

Our Senior Badminton Team had another strong season and we were proud to see Tawny move onto Districts in Girls Singles and Josh and Alexander move past Districts to compete at Regionals. That’s an awesome season!!

We’re in the midst of Track season with about 90-100 students from our school body taking part this week and next as well. It makes me proud to see such a high number of participating athletes from Hanley School.

We had a fantastic grade 7-12 presentation about Addictions by Allan Kehler on May 1. He was a dynamic speaker who captured the attention of the students with his message of personal struggles with substance abuse and the power of talking to overcome life’s issues.

Last week was the second and final week of Work Experience for the grade 12 students. It sounds like the students had a number of valuable experiences at the job sites and either are very grateful to be able to get back to the comfort of their valuable education, or are now, more than ever, looking forward to their work life after finishing high school.

That leads me to my next item. Hanley Composite School Graduation is planned for June 8 with Exercises at 7:30 in the school gym. Congratulations to each of our graduating Grade 12s on their hard work this year.

I want to recognize the great work Mr. Vedress has done this year at Hanley School. Mr. Vedress will be leaving us at the end of this week as we’ll be welcoming back Ms. Bishop-Moisan who has been away on a maternity leave. Welcome Ms. Bishop-Moisan and thank-you Mr. Vedress for all your efforts and classroom work with the Grade 6s and your coaching of Senior Boys Basketball and Track and Field. We’ll miss your contribution to our staff and school.

Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker