March 2011 Grade 3&4 News

We have moved…again…back into our freshly painted classroom! The grade 3/4 class did an amazing job at being flexible and adaptable during the painting process! We are glad to be back in our spiffy new digs! Here’s a peak at what else we’ve been up to…

ELA: We finished up Mr. Popper’s Penguins! A special thank you to the grade 4s for working with their grade 3 partners. You did an amazing job! We have been working very hard on our creative writing, and will be beginning a new novel study, soon. In grammar we have been learning about pronouns and fine-tuning our proofreading.

Math: Both the grade 3s and 4s are working on measurement units right now. Please help them to practice telling time on an analog clock, counting forward on backward on the calendar by days, weeks and months and using a ruler.

Science: We’re still working on rocks and minerals. We also have a wonderful field trip coming up on the 24th to the Little Green Thumbs Expo!

Arts-Ed: We have made some wonderful studies in contrast lately, as well as building some amazing leprechaun traps.

We are really looking forward to demonstrating some our skills at our student lead interviews next week. This is a new interview format for us should be interesting!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

March 2011 Grade 12

In Grade 12, we are pretty busy finishing up tests and learning new stuff. In Calculus, we just recently finished a stressful test, and to relieve this stress, we celebrated pie day on March 14th (3rd month, 14th day = 3.14 =pi. Get it?). The pumpkin pie was sooo good. We have also decided to bring pie for the rest of the week. In gym class, we have been perfecting our badminton skills, while in English, we will be starting a novel called Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. In Chemistry, we just finished writing a test and will be starting reaction rates. Lastly in Physics, we just started Acceleration and Velocity Time Graphs.

March 2011 Kindergarten

The Kindergarten students have been working hard this month in preparation for report cards and interviews. I am so impressed with the progress I’m seeing! Way to go! Don’t forget to sign and return the report cards in your child’s folder. This week we spent time with our Grade 5/6 Care Partners and built our leprechaun traps! There were some very clever and creative creations! Hopefully somebody can catch a leprechaun and convince him to tell us where the gold is! We continue with numbers in math, but are also learning about time (days of the weeks, months, seasons). Please practice these with your children at home. We are excited about the Winter Carnival this Friday! Don’t forget to dress warm! In Art we are using our sketch pads to learn how to draw different things. We are starting with people and are trying to draw realistic people with fingers, shoes, hair, etc. Next we will be drawing buildings and animals. I look forward to seeing everyone at interviews next week!

March 2011 Grade 10

In math, we are working on polynomial and rational expressions. In ELA, we have just finished reading Of Mice and Men. In PAA, we are doing commercial cooking, and just finished a food handler’s course. In IA, we are finishing drafting our floor plans of our dream homes. In Wildlife Management, we just finished sleeping in our Quinzees. In Phys. Ed., we just started badminton. Last but not least, in Social Studies we are talking about the five main social institutions Government, Business, Labour, Media and Military.

March 2011 Grade 1&2

Thank you to all parents and students for being so accommodating and coming in early for your interviews! I really enjoyed the student led parent-teacher interview, and think that it put an interesting spin on the whole process! Just a reminder to dress appropriately for the Winter Carnival on Friday….layers are probably a good idea.

Not much has changed in our class since the last newsletter! The grade one’s are wrapping up their math unit on measurement and will soon begin learning about numbers to one hundred. The grade two’s are nearing the end of their very long unit on addition and subtraction to eighteen, and are moving on to measurement. The students are really enjoying our ELA centers, where they move from different stations each day. Some of the stations include guided reading, independent or buddy reading, computers, phonics, listening stations, spelling, and so forth. We are also learning about different strategies in our Fairy Tale unit, such as sequencing, blends and digraphs, antonyms and synonyms, and word families. We have also started some creative writing, where we are using our imaginations to write own stories. We are almost done are dinosaur unit in science, and are still working on a healthy body in health and gymnastics in Phys. Ed.

March 2011 From the Office

The days are getting longer and it sure is nice to finally see the sun! One sure sign of Spring is our Parent/Teacher interview nights which are on the evenings of March 22th and 23th. If you haven’t already  done  so, please call the school to arrange your interview time. We always look forward to the chance to meet parents in person and discuss student progress. If you are unable to attend interviews, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or teachers if you have any questions or concerns. You can always call the school or e-mail any of the staff. As well, important information is regularly updated on our school website.

Our Kindergarten to Grade 5 report cards  were  sent home last week on Wednesday,  March 9th. Grade 7 – 12 interim reports for core subjects (ELA, Math, Social Studies and the Sciences) will be mailed this week. We hope that this will be helpful information for students and parents alike. Formal report cards for Grade 7 – 12 students will be handed out on Thursday, April 7th.

This Friday our K – 12 students will be participating in a winter carnival. There will be multiple stations where the students will be participating in a variety of activities. We remind everyone to dress appropriately for the weather and come ready to have a great day!

It is an exciting time in our school as we are in the midst of a painting program. The entire elementary wing and central portion of our school is being painted. The painting started during the February break and will be completed by the beginning of the next school year. The painting of the middle years/high school wing will follow in the near future.
We hope everyone has a wonderful spring season!

January Saber of the Month

Kindergarten — Cassidy
Grade 1/2 — Alison
Grade 3/4 — Justin
Grade 5/6 — Kianna and Kevin
Grade 7 — Brandon and Cole
Grade 8 — Madison
Grade 9 — Alana
Grade 10 — Morgan and Hope
Grade 11 — Kirsten and Tori
Grade 12 — Bobbi-Leigh