In Saskatchewan parents have a range of choices for their children’s education, including
the option of home-based education.

The Education Act, 1995 makes provisions for the registration of home-based education
programs in Saskatchewan. The Home-based Education Program Regulations and the
Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy Manual provides the legal framework for
the home-based education program. The Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy
Manual is a resource for school authorities, parents or guardians, and other interested
parties outlining the policies and procedures for the operation of a home-based education

The Home-based Education Program Regulations support government’s priorities of
higher student achievement and strong system-wide accountability and governance.
Home-based education legislation recognizes that parents have both the responsibility to
provide for the education of their children and the right to direct their children’s
education from their home. But with these rights come responsibilities, and the
Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy Manual will assist in providing
understanding of these responsibilities.

A child’s education program requires careful planning. Parents need to consider several
factors including but not limited to, the child’s interests and learning styles, the family’s
beliefs and values, available program options, time available to support a child’s
education, and legislative requirements. It is important to have positive and ongoing
communication and cooperation between the parent directing the home-based education
program and the registering authority.

(Saskatchewan Education Home-Based Education Policy Manual – April 2014)

The purpose of  this site is: to help parents who are thinking of starting a home-based education program with their decision-making; to help current home-based educators who may want to refine their programs; and to provide up-to-date information about programs and resources available to home-based educators in the Prairie Spirit School Division.

When choosing home-based education you need to consider:

Prairie Spirit School Division acknowledges that  parents may choose to accept the responsibility to personally direct the education of their children at and from their home through a registered home-based education program. When parents choose home-based education, it is expected they will provide a sound educational program as outlined in the Education Act 1995 and the Home-Based Education Program Regulations, 2013