Prairie Spirit SD Home Based Education

In Saskatchewan parents have a range of choices for their children’s education, including
the option of home-based education.

The purpose of  this site is: to help parents who are thinking of starting a home-based education program with their decision-making; to help current home-based educators who may want to refine their programs; and to provide up-to-date information about programs and resources available to home-based educators in the Prairie Spirit School Division.

When choosing home-based education you need to consider:

  • Your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Your philosophical beliefs about education
  • Your children’s interests, learning styles, strengths and needs
  • Your plan for your children’s home-based education program (beliefs, goals, outcomes, time frame, options, resources , learning activities, evaluation and financial costs)
  • The forms you need to register are all posted on our PSSD Home based education site:
  • HBE students, grade 10-12 have access to credit courses at the Sask Distance Learning Centre.     Contact the HBE facilitator to request a course.